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voodoosilver_t.jpgQuicksilver fans who are also VoodooPad fans should do a quick peek into their plugins list and look around for the VoodooPad plugin, which arrived a few days ago and just got updated to actually work.

You can get it to work with a given pad by:

  • activating Quicksilver

  • opening your preferences (cmd-,)

  • adding your pad as a custom catalog entry, telling it to “VoodooPad Pages” in the “Include Contents:” dropdown.

  • refreshing your catalog

You can make it go by:

  • activating QuickSilver

  • typing a “.” to put QuickSilver in text entry mode

  • tabbing to the next pane and typing “a” to narrow your actions down to include “Append to VP Page”

  • tabbing again to get to the third pane, where you select the page you want.

It also has “prepend to page” and “open page” actions.

There have been Applescripts floating around to do this for a few years, but this has the advantage of knowing all your pad pages ahead of time, so you don’t have to remember what you called them.

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