(Please) Shush! (Momentarily)

May 19th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

The blog is getting the hell hammered out of it by comment spammers this week. Rather than deal with it, since they seem to be particularly effective at thwarting the filters during this round of attacks, I’m just killing comments for a bit.

They’ll be back after I do some reading on whatever the state of the art is in dealing with this.

Update: O.k. I’ve installed Moderate via Delay, which holds comments on older entries or entries that haven’t had a comment recently permitted. It’s on a tight leash (items no more than two days old), but most people who have much to say here say it pretty quickly, and most people who have something to say in the older entries aren’t people at all … they’re lousy, mother-grabbing spammers.

Other puddingbowl.org bloggers take note: It’s available to you, as well, via your plugins page. Highly recommended.

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