May 23rd, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

First Stab at PhotoblocksI spent my lunch today running down to the nearest art supply store and picking up the bits I needed to make photoblocks, which I read about first on Photojojo.

It was a pretty simple process to make a set and I learned a few things that’ll make the next set much nicer. The best tip I can pass along right off the bat is to have a good idea of how the image quarters. My first one’s alright, but better cropping would have made it much nicer.

The end result is a pleasing tactile experience, especially with the application of a gloss gel, which conveys both an agreeable texture and a sense that it’s o.k. to handle the project. There’s also something eye-catchingly engaging about the 3d-ness of it. Your brain wants to put all the pieces together.

Thanks, Photojojo!

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