May 22nd, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

Message for ’08 Dems: Only cowards think we’re at war:

> Our soldiers are at war in Iraq and Afghanistan. And our intelligence forces are at war against terrorist groups around the world, in battles we only hear about when CIA spouses criticize the White House. And it’s impossible to overstate the sacrifice they and their families are making.

> But America is not under attack by an enemy force of any significance. We got sucker punched by 19 maniacs with box cutters. Republicans want us to run scared because of that for the rest of our lives. But the thing about a sucker punch is that you can’t protect yourself against it. Any idiot can take the breath out of you, no matter how tough you are. But only cowards — actually I think “scaredy cat” is more appropriate here — live their lives worrying about such things. Of course you’ve got to do your best to stay alert — in this context that means port, air and many other types of security. But freaking out and becoming paranoid leaves you more vulnerable, not more protected.

> The American people are not cowards. They are not the ones behind this prolonged state of panic. Americans are prepared to walk tall and fearlessly even with the possibility of another attack, even though we know it could kill thousands — because we know that America is not in danger. We live happily with many extremely-unlikely dangers in our lives, and we reject the idea that America should degrade its democracy just because some tiny extremist groups have added themselves to the list. (They are so far down that list, in fact, that you are 390 times less likely to die in a terrorist attack than in an auto accident.)

Well, gosh darn.

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