BBEdit? What Was That?

May 8th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

I kid, I kid.

There have been some very nice Emacs ports to OS X over the past several years, but my current fav is Aquamacs, which provides just enough ease of configuration that a non-programming, lisp-impoverished GNU apostate can maybe come stand outside the temple and listen to the hymns without a lot of preparatory cussing and fiddling.

Something that’s happened in the 16 years since I first found myself in front of an Emacs session on the good word of a helpdesk guy who had no idea how to turn wordwrap on in vi, which was my other choice, is the writing of The Woodnotes Guide to Emacs for Writers, which spells out how to use Emacs for people who aren’t coders so much. Very handy for getting back up to speed after some time away. And who knew about longlines mode? I never got the memo.

… time out for a montage of our intrepid writer typing and looking up things in info and consulting mailing list archives …

In the five day gap between opening this entry then relaunching the blog editor and noticing it festering in the drafts folder, I’ve sort of set Aquamacs aside again. The useful part of any “play around in another tool” exercise is, I guess, bringing back things you’d like to be able to do with your normal tools and either scripting those things in or figuring out how you had them all along but never realized it.

TextMate’s nifty tab snippet completion feature, for instance, is in there in BBEdit as glossary completion. You just have to go a few extra steps to get it to work.

Anyhow … Ed’s futzmonkey either came to bedevil me or has a cousin living in the Portland area.

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