K.C.’s Caffeine Kreations

April 3rd, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

K.C.'s Caffeine KreationsThe sale of the espresso stand across the street was a minor event* here, since it involved a three-week shut-down and remodel.

The old owner kept a collection of VHS tapes like “Red Dawn” and “Commando,” and had a pretty good knack for remembering how you liked your mocha the second time around.

The new owner, K.C., seems cheerful enough. I wasn’t sure what I’d make of the coffee after I saw the pink remodel, and I was even more dubious when I got a jellybean perched in the spill dent on the top of my cup. The mocha wasn’t bad, though, and I’m hoping the jellybean was just a stopgap until her supplier can come through with the traditional chocolate-covered espresso beans.

Also, shouldn’t it, if we’re gonna go there with the krazy “k” spelling, be “K.C.’s Kaffeine Creations?” Or does making it “K.C.’s Caffeine Kreations” make it sort of a first-letter palindrome?

Either way … we’re back to having three choices for a mocha in the neighborhood: K.C.’s, Papaccino’s, and Coffee Cat.

Papaccino’s seems to be picking up in the friendliness department lately, but it’s also taken a turn for the worse in the music it’s playing … sort of pan-flutey “Yanni does a bonghit then mourns the passing of the Indians” schmaltz that depresses the spirits and leaves one feeling irritable. Coffee Cat is very small and very quiet, plus it’s the furthest away … so not a good fit for Ben, and not so good that it’s worth the extra hike.

*But an event nonetheless … just so we’re clear. Not a lot happens in Woodstock.

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