It Was the Best Of Software …

April 26th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted  |  1 Comment

I’m not clear on what’s what, exactly, with all this, but some more software notes:

  • fink remains stalled at the “Not ready for Macintel boxes” stage. DarwinPorts, on the other hand, has a UB installer in place. You could argue that a ports-oriented lifestyle is a big drag because of all the delayed gratification you have to endure. Just remember that these are your tools … Anduril wasn’t forged in a day, dude. Just don’t go too far with that.

  • Getting over my resistance to running X11 on a Mac has opened up a few more doors: I hate Excel, but Gnumeric runs lickety-split. It takes a little while (with DarwinPorts) to build up the libraries needed, but I just moved the terminal where that was going on over to the secondary display and forgot about it.

  • mutt:

    • lbdb can be set to talk to the OS X Address Book, via DarwinPorts

    • the DarwinPorts mutt is broken, but building from source works o.k.

    • get the msmtp port for a lightweight smtp listener that’s easy to configure

    • use the dev branch of mutt to get IMAP header caching, which makes mutt scream with remote IMAP

    • elinks makes a nice HTML mail viewer, if you must, via DarwinPorts. Just put this in your .mailcap:

      text/html; /opt/local/bin/elinks -dump %s; copiousoutput; nametemplate=%s.html

It was the worst of software ….

In other news:

  • Skype released a universal binary at long last. Sadly, it bounced once then quit. The Skype OS X forum is aflame.

  • Parallels came out with beta 5 of its virtual workstation. Ordinarily this might belong under “best of software,” since it now handles full-screen mode with the actual widescreen resolutions of both my displays, but it also created a monstrous tmp file of some sort that actually ran the machine out of both physical and virtual RAM, crashing a few processes and driving me to a reboot to make the frightening “You’re OUT OF RAM! QUIT SOMETHING NOW !” messages go away. Before that happened, though, Windows was teh snappy.

It was sort of a “Flowers for Algernon” situation, I guess.

Late-Breaking Software Something Day News

OmniWeb 5.5 sneaky-peek betas are out and about, too. You have to sign up for their forum to get one and the disk image has a password. For the mildly, non-downloading curious, the release notes will tell most of the tale.

I hope it doesn’t suck when they’re done.

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