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March 29th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

Just a quick by-the-by:

After months and months and months of “hurry up and wait,” Open Networks Today is actually live and kicking.

opt_logo_v2.gifO.k. Not “months and months and months,” since I think that would add up to at least six months of total time from conception to launch. So just “months and months,” since that would mean at least four months, which is how long ago I put the first test article in the database.

Anyhow … it’s what we like to call a “newslog,” and what might have once been called a “weblog” before the term was overrun by post-9/11 PTSD headcases and assorted revisionists, who have decided that “weblog” must mean either a chronological record of that ham sammich you ate last night or a spittle-flecked attempt to hound Dan Rather out of a job.

You might be thinking “Neat, except as a reader of ‘Damn You, Sir, You Have Killed Me!’ I don’t really think of a newslog about networking as something I’d want to read.” But that’s the neat thing about it: Since it’s a digest, and since it’s got a handy RSS feed, you can subscribe to it and sort of skim the headlines. Even if you don’t care about, say, how TCP works, you might be pretty interested, as a citizen, about campaign finance laws as they apply to the ‘net. Since it’s a human-edited site, you’ll get a human-selected story instead of something a ‘bot somewhere spat out, so even if you’ve got only a casual interest in what’s a pretty broad topic, you’ll get a better link with less effort to find it.

If the site looks sort of like another site I once ran, that’s because most of their code is pretty much the same, and they represent what some might consider a quaint notion in the age of massively group-edited sites like reddit and digg. You might even call them John-Henryesque bastions against the ravening tide of interwingly connectedness and mob-facilitating AJNAZ ON ROPES 3.0 modernity. I guess I’d prefer to call them collections of artisan-produced handcrafted links and leave it at that.

So anyhow, that’s the pitch, or notice.

And it’s 1:01, so back at it.

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