They’re Insane and They Don’t Know What They’re Saying, But That’s O.k. Because You’re Senile and Don’t Know What You’re Doing

March 29th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

A rule that bears repeating and relearning periodically:

The people at CompUSA are nice people who have nothing but good intentions.

That said, when they tell you that widget foo will work very nicely with device bar, and that you will not need adapter baz to make the two talk, the time you’ll take to verify that what they’re saying isn’t an incredible fantasy they cooked up to get you to shut up so they can go back to playing with the in-store XBox demo kiosk pretty much means the time you spent asking them your question was wasted.

Another useful tip: If your phone has the ability to take a picture of, say, the connector port on device bar for comparison with widget foo at the store, you should take advantage of that because one other law of human perception I can cite is that all square adapter connections will become round, and that all small adapter ports will become very, very large by the time you make it to the store and try to compare widget foo with your memory of all those holes in the back of device bar.

That said, it’s time to go throw another 15 minutes of my time on the fire of failing to remember all those simple rules before trekking to CompUSA yesterday.

Update: The people at your local Mac store do know what they’re doing and also mean well, but they’re also insane and will send you out the door with the wrong thing because somehow, in their mind, “iMac” became “iBook” on their way back to the stock room. It won’t have mattered, because the evil geniuses at Apple will have labeled the package with “LCD iMac” and “iBook.” They just didn’t mean my LCD iMac.


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