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BBEdit : Current Release Notes:

> Fixed crash which would occur on Intel machines when trying to change the menu key equivalent of Unix scripts, Unix filters, and other items whose key equivalents are adjusted using the “Set Key” button in a palette.

I found that bug, or at least reported it early. The BareBones people put me on the mailing list for betas for the new point release, then thanked me when I followed up with a report that the problem was fixed on my machine.

Naturally I flashed back to when I was writing for LinuxPlanet and asked one of the Emacs maintainers for a look at the (then) upcoming Emacs v21. He told me that they didn’t want unqualified people looking at pre-release product, so would I please bugger off.

Kevin found someone who knew where an unsecured mirror of the source tarball was, so I downloaded that behind the project’s back, compiled it, and did my preview. I always thought it was weird to feel a flash of triumph over my ability to get the development source code to one of GNU’s flagship projects. I know nothing in the GPL says I’m entitled to the source for an unreleased version, but that didn’t make it any less weird. I also don’t know if they would have been any nicer about it if I would have approached them as a user with a problem that might be fixed in something they were working on. So … you know … apples and oranges.

But still.

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