Like Hell, Only Less Jolly

March 28th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted  |  2 Comments

I think we thought we were doing Ben a favor by taking him to Chuck E. Cheese (or is it ‘Cheeze’?) last weekend. He was entranced with the “animated” stage show (scare quotes to denote how little the creatures moved), but the play area seemed to pretty much grind his little consciousness under its wheels.

What a horrible zoo.

Click the picture to play the movie, or you can

download it for playback (Quicktime, 2.6MB)

Having never been anywhere like that before, with the exception of a single visit to a Showbiz Pizza in small-town Indiana when I was a teenager, nothing could have prepared me for the screeching monkey-house din, parents who will look you in the eye as they plant their hand against your kid’s head and shove him aside, and (here goes … the coastal liberal shows his elitist colors) the dizzying variety of synthetic animal pattern stirrup pants.

Anyhow, that’s a very brief video remembrance of the trip up there.

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