And I Did It On Max Beer Setting

March 2nd, 2006  |  Published in old and busted  |  1 Comment

Quail CertI didn’t hit poor Harry once, despite setting the “beer” factor to its highest setting. It must have been the army training.

What else while I’m here?

A 500GB drive is a very nice thing to have sitting on the desk.

I’m shopping for good backup software, but getting by with Apple’s Backup for now. I wanted to like the copy of SilverKeeper that came with the drive, but it failed to fire at the appointed “wake up the computer and do the backup in the dead of night” time, preferring instead to run a backup as soon as I woke the computer up this morning. No good. I’d guess it’s a Macintel issue. Let’s get back to that.

I could just do this all up with rsync, but Apple’s Backup has some nice stuff like a “save personal settings” profile and a few other treats that make it easier to do backups in several increments. I don’t think I’ll be using .Mac forever, though, so I’ll keep looking for something.

The tradeoff on all that backup security is the reintroduction of white noise to the office. The drive, a LaCie 500GB d2 “Big Disk” is more quiet than my older Firewire/USB2 enclosure, but it still needs a small fan. Nothing horrible. Not even discernible over music. But it’s THERE. I was digging the fact that the iMac has only spun up a fan once since it’s been home, and that was because I was squishing some Quicktimes down to size.

On the bright side, it can be turned off as long as I remember to spin it back up before going to bed.

Back to the “Macintel issue” thing.

The iMac has been home with me for almost a month now. It still feels like “the new computer,” and I still enjoy seeing it do with ease stuff the eMac would have sweated pretty hard over. For the most part, I’m going to stand by my “just works” comments earlier. I’d like it if NetNewsWire would hurry up and slide even a universal binary beta our way, and there are signs of life in TextSoap that are encouraging, but I don’t know if I’d tell anyone else to buy an Intel Mac quite yet.

The problem isn’t so much with the machine itself, which has worked well. The problem is more that if you follow sites like VersionTracker as a place to try out new stuff, you’ll see much less coming across the special MacIntel page than you do the normal OS X crawl. You can run all the stuff for PPC machines on the Intel Macs, yes, but you notice some lag and unhappiness as a result. Some things, like screensavers and contextual menu tools, don’t work at all. Other things, like backup software, might seem to work but maybe miss something like waking the computer up to do their thing. And if backup software is broken in one area, I don’t want to find out that it’s broken in another down the road, when I really, really need to restore that backup.

Meanwhile, the G5 iMacs are still very nice machines and will run everything you could want, no questions asked, and there are even some left here and there.

If you want an indicator of why, perhaps, a sense of humor would help if you do decide to wade into the waters of Macintelia, here’s the response someone got to asking if a Universal Binary of Mailsmith was coming anytime soon:

> > So will Mailsmith be released as a Universal Binary?

> Next week? Absolutely not. Before the heat death of the universe?

Impossible to predict. :-)

User-legible roadmaps are for the weak.

What else?

Oh … this is the week that I start trying to move from Money 2004 on the clone to Quicken 2006 on the iMac. I learned what the Quicken equivalent of Money’s Cashflow function is today, which takes care of about one third of what I use Money for. Changing financial software is something I’m not very comfortable with, but I’m sick of spinning up the clone just to run Money, which has some goofy toolkit issues when it gets run over a remote client anyhow.

What else? What else? Nothing, I think, that won’t keep.

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