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February 18th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

Ten Reasons to Buy Windows Vista:

> Features get tweaked, they come and go, but from what we can tell, Vista is now starting to harden into the product that will be running many, many desktops for the foreseeable future.

Right. Because if Vista totally sucked, probably no OEMs would put it on any of the machines they sold … they’d just pay the exorbitant licensing fees Microsoft would force on them for sticking with something better. Consumers, likewise, will rush out to pay the $200 you’d need to replace Vista with XP. I mean … if Microsoft doesn’t get this right, Vista will go nowhere and that’ll be it!*

Oh … and the comments about security elsewhere in that story? Precious. I’m gonna take the word of some clown who thinks “predicting” that Vista’s going to turn up on a lot of computers is a feat of prescience that “Microsoft’s done a great job of improving security across the board?” Let me know how that’s working out for you the first time your shiny new Vista machine is turned into a zombie and spams the entire eastern seaboard, ‘kay?

The proper manner with which to receive reports of a new operating system from Microsoft is similar to the manner in which Stalin-era Russians received news of the annual harvest: A sort of dull recognition that the numbers are cooked, and feigned optimism that this is the year the five year plan is going over the top. And a call for cleanup in whatever aisle Scoble happens to be in when it happens, coz that’s gonna be messy.

On the other hand (because this entry is all about even-handedness) … I now have two happy Windows users in my life and there are some obviously fun things about Vista I’m sure they’ll enjoy. This’ll be my last communication on the matter out of respect for their sensitivities.


*I guess this is the point where I’d normally insert a mocking crack about THIS being the year Linux can swoop in and steal all of Microsoft’s customers with KDE and some religious zeal, but I can say the words “Linux” and “enthusiast” without getting that weird, nauseous tickle in my throat.

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