The Silence of the Crickets

February 22nd, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

I felt like I was enjoying Christmas in February when I pointed my browser to MacSlash to see what goodies were under the tree this morning, and I was not disappointed:

Mac Attack A Load Of Crap:

> Finally! Here’s someone in the mainstream press (well, mostly) that’s willing to put the recent Mac malware attacks in their proper perspective. It’s a brief piece by Leander Kahney fighting the contention that the recent problems are anything more than social engineering combined with some vulnerabilities in the OS. It’s worth noting, he says, that this news would have gone unnoticed in the Windows world, where virus attacks are so massive that AV-software companies can’t keep up. Yeah, no matter what, I’ll stick with what I’ve got, thanks very much.

Finally! A lone voice in the media wilderness willing to tell it like it is!

Mere social engineering mixed with trifling actual vulnerabilities. Pshaw! And plus, WINDOWS BAD!

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