The Scent of Outgassing Plastic

February 4th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

iMac Moved InWell, first things first after the most-of-a-week hiatus.

It’s not an exaggeration to say that the new dual-core Intel iMac sitting on my desk is the most beautiful piece of electronics I’ve ever had in my house. I think the most special part of the experience so far has been the silence in my office. The eMac was (not even packed away yet and it’s dead to me) relatively quiet compared to some loud PCs I’ve had, but the iMac is only a hair louder than a cool iBook, and then only when it’s hitting the hard drive.

I also like having plenty of desk space to put up my favorite picture of Al & Ben.

I’ll save a big rundown of technical notes on it, but so far, so good. I made sure the apps I really depend on were available before I’d touch it, and even the ones I’d *like* to have running but don’t exactly *need* are in generally fine shape. I told Michael that the parade of apps being upgraded to Universal Binaries coming over VersionTracker’s Macintel page is sort of like having Christmas every morning.


Elsewise, I’ve been kind of quiet this week owing to a persistent cold and some funky sleep patterns, along with a little more to do on the work front than usual. A lot of things have passed in front of the headlights, but the emoticon over there says it all: Eating popcorn while Rome burns. With less smiling, I guess, because the staggering numbers being tossed around about our $100,000/minute escapades in Iraq freak me out.

Not because I’ve got sticker shock, or think money’s some trump-card argument, but because … you know … god damn … billions and billions and billions and billions of dollars, and no end in sight.

I’m making no attempt to say anything original here, and I’m really not just flopping off the turnip truck and saying “gooooo-lee! There’s a war on!”

Some weeks it just catches up to me worse than others. And that’s a kick in the head in its own right.

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