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February 16th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

Audio Hijack Pro

I forgot about one other app I use daily that isn’t out as a universal binary: my RadioShark software. I use it to record Fresh Air, This American Life and Philosophy Talk off the local NPR affiliate.

It’s kind of an issue, because the big problem with Rosetta apps is their memory consumption. RadioShark’s software sits out of the way and muted for hours at a time, and the amount of RAM it gobbles sort of adds up.

I called Griffin today (the link to their support e-mail is broken), and the friendly support guy told me universal binaries are due “some time,” which caused me to branch to my optimization loop. Fortunately, Audio Hijack Pro, which I bought to record Vonage softphone interviews a few years back, can record from the RadioShark hardware and can do so on schedules. There’s a universal binary beta out now.

The recording choices offered are very flexible (I prefer bookmarkable AAC files), the software itself is more reliable about adding items to my iTunes library, and setting up a recording is a lot more intuitive than the Griffin software’s interface.

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