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February 20th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

Canon PowerShot G5Thanks to Ed for reminding me of the power of an imperative headline.

I’ve got my PowerShot G5 up on Craigslist for the generous price of $350. The $350 includes the 1.5x teleconverter, circular polarizer, lens adapter, remote, a 512MB memory card, a 1GB memory card and original manual.

Mention this Web site and get an even more generous attitude toward negotiating or haggling or whatever it is friends do.

I would just put it up on eBay, but the last time I tried that I got some rigamarole from a few buyers and learned that the community there has thrown up some reasonable defenses against unscrupulous sellers that include harsh price and behavior discrimination against new sellers. I’d rather just either a.) hand the thing over to a local stranger for cash upon demonstration of its good working order or b.) sell it to someone I know who’d know I’m not trying to take them.

This post should be taken as a sign that yes, I managed to unload the eMac, and for more than the store wanted to offer on trade-in. I think their trade-in formula is pretty much (retail-$100)/2. In the Mac market, that’s pretty weak.

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