January 20th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

Looks like My Yahoo has gone all drag-n-drop, which is pretty handy.

Well … it’s handy where drag-n-drop works, and it’s sort of confusing where one might think to try drag-n-drop and it doesn’t work. So I guess it’s “handy” in the same way the new Yahoo Mail interface is handy when you read your invitation to try it out in Safari, which won’t work with it … You click on “tell me more” and it bounces you out to the regular old Mail interface with no further comment, which makes it about as useful as sessions with Eliza are therapeutic.

Not that I use My Yahoo that much … I was just there trying to track down Ed, who left a cryptic IM about not being where he usually is, then vanished. Also not useful. But it gave me something to blog about, so maybe it was. :-)

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