January 4th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

So, I found this nifty script to archive mails by year and quarter.

Act-On HellWith just a little tweaking for my particular circumstances, I had two versions: One for archiving work mail, one for archiving mail that comes in over personal accounts but isn’t from the kind of people I affectionately refer to as “People” in my folder scheme. You know … “personal” mail from entities who are more institutional or perhaps role-abstracted than “souls with which I have a personal affinity.”

Having verified that the new scripts would work as advertised, I plopped them into a Mail Act-On action, did a few more test-runs, then turned them loose on a ginormous set of folders that were loosely archived by month and year just last year, but sloppily.

Mail Act-On thoughtfully informed me that it was going to work on 1,689 messages, and began to grind away. The first 60 or 70 went super-fast, then the special AppleScript “stifle productivity” module kicked in and dropped the rate of archiving down to somewhere around a second per message, which my calculations tell me will involve about 30 minutes of steady grinding, providing AppleScript’s special hidden “not only stifle productivity but actually cause heart damage” module doesn’t kick in.

It wouldn’t be so bad if Mail Act-On’s special notification would go away from the middle of my screen, but it won’t. I think the best thing to do is stop taking up cycles my machine evidently needs to devote to the very difficult task of moving a message from one folder to another and walk away for a few (around 25) minutes.

Update: Oh … riiiigght! “Hide.”

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