This is Ground Control to Major Plankton

January 2nd, 2006  |  Published in old and busted Games : Electroplankton :

> Marine-Snow Electroplankton come in three sizes, but their size does not dictate their sound. Instead, the Electroplankton’s sound corresponds with its position on the touch screen. When you start, the Electroplankton are lined up in five rows with seven Electroplankton per row. Marine-Snow make a sound similar to a piano. The top-left Electroplankton make the lowest bass sound and the bottom-right represent the highest treble.

> Sure, you could take your stylus and swirl the Marine-Snow around like falling winter flurries. However, you can make a more cohesive composition by tapping one Electroplankton at a time. When you find the Electroplankton that makes the noise you want, tap it. It then slides to the middle of the screen and trades places with the “Middle C” Electroplankton. If you tap that Middle C Electroplankton, the Electroplankton you originally tapped comes back to you, so you can alternate between those two notes for as long as you might want.

And I think, to judge from the word coming from people who’ve seen this in Japan, that come January 9 I may want to alternate between those two notes for a very, very, very long time.

Back from a weekend at the coast. Notes & photos tk.

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