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January 4th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

ABC News: Barbie Accused of Being Part of the Transgender Movement:

> The Concerned Women for America were … well, concerned. Outraged, even. Was Barbie becoming part of the transgender movement?

> On Dec. 30, CWA, a leading Christian conservative group, noted on its Web site that on the Barbie Web site,, ‘there is a poll that asks children their age and sex.’

> […]

> The age choices were 4 to 8 but children ‘are given three options for their choice of gender’: I am a Boy, I am a Girl and I Don’t Know.

> Bob Knight, director of CWA’s Culture and Family Institute, said Barbie manufacturer Mattel was being influenced by the ‘transgender movement.’

> To pose ‘this transgender question at little girls, they’ve really crossed the line,’ Knight said, who added that ‘bisexuality gender confusion’ is the Web site’s agenda, which is ‘very dangerous.’


It may be time for the Mighty 325th to pay a quick visit to the personnel office … Sweeper’s always been twitchy, but something like this might set him over the edge.

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