Product Identification

January 27th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

New West Network, “James Frey, MFAs and Me”:

> Oprah! Shame on You! You were just thinking about yourself and saving face! If anything happens to James Frey I blame it on you! You are selfish! This book has changed the lives of thousands of people. So he spiced it up a little. Could you not have confronted him one on one then said what you had to on your public television without confronting him in front of the world! I can’t beleive how bold and heartless you are. He felt pushed into lying then came up front with it. You just killed a man today! You’re guilty of something more severe than he is.

But I kind of expect a media juggernaut masquerading as a person willing to devote an entire magazine to herself to be a gigantic, heartless, savage, brand-defending, flog-wielding, lip-biting, confession-extracting vengeance harpy.

I mean, Oprah’s mainly guilty of being a sentient product with all the amoral market imperatives that implies.

Otherwise … you know … she’d just be Katie Couric in those stupid “serious glasses” Katie wears when she’s interviewing someone.

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