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Mail to pk this morning:

> all my high ground […] is slowly dribbling away … pissed down the drain in a slow trickle of “diediedie” tags.

Where “high ground” = avoiding use of words like “douchebag,” “asshat,” and “nobgobbler” while responding to people who are, well … douchebags, asshats and nobgobblers.

It’s true … things around here have been more … unvarnished of late, for reasons I won’t go into for free. They’ll have to wait until I publish my own too-good-in-its-badness-to-be-true memoir, hopefully taking down an acquisitions editor or two in the process.

An excerpt:

> It’s true. That was my vomit and chunks and last night’s dinner and booze and hate and rage … dribbling down Phil’s front porch like a spent bile Niagara because I Drank Until I Had the Spins and I Was Young and So What if I Did and then I was standing there and seeing Phil in his window and I was grimacing and he was laughing and I was walking as if in slow motion and he was pointing and Andrea was wrinkling her nose and I was wincing and walking and feeling bad and farting and I’d Kicked That Kitten but it Wouldn’t Die Like a Reminder of Yesterday When I Was Happy…

You get the point. It’ll be a doozy.

In the meantime, though, because Sven seemed to enjoy finding all those aforementioned “diedieide” tags in the larger cloud I whipped up a few weeks ago, a careful application of MTRegEx has netted me the much more refined DYSYHKM! Peeve Cloud, which is sort of tiny at the moment, but promises to grow, because I intend to nurse my grievances and annoyances into the sort of festering spiritual boil we’re all gonna need to jam a straw into and sip from like a putrid Capri Sun in just ten or eleven short months.

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