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Unit B of our Manzanita rentalWe spent Saturday evening, Sunday and Monday morning in Manzanita. Dunetchka’s friend Steve snagged us a house on really short notice, and did pretty well. The place had a hot tub, two upstairs bedrooms, and a downstairs unit with its own kitchen, bathroom foosball table, futon and bed. Al, Ben and I took the downstairs unit, and Justin, Dunetchka, Amelie, Steve and Ruth took the upstairs bedrooms.

On the continuum from “rustic kitsch” to “modern living,” the house was pretty far to the “modern” side, but it had a nice fireplace and the furniture was comfortable. There was a great window overlooking the beach, which was right across the street.

All in all it was a pretty mellow weekend. Probably the most relaxing part was having another pair of parents around in a house that was pretty much baby proof anyhow. Someone was always in one of the two common areas Ben or Amelie could go exploring in, so we didn’t have to worry about Ben’s inquisitive nature too much, and nobody felt uncomfortable taking a hand during the rare scuffle over a juice cup or toy.

The system did fall apart this morning, according to Al, when Ben managed to close them both in the bathroom then lock the door behind him. A minor panic took hold until Al started calling out to Ben “Ben … honey … the button! PUSH THE BUTTON!”

New Year's Mob Torch DancersHe called out “Bunndee? Bundee?” a few times, then got the hint and pressed the lock button on the door and freed them both.

I slept through that adventure.

What else?

Our actual NYE celebration was mellow, but there was one pretty cool interruption just as midnight rolled around: We heard drums and yelling outside, opened the curtains and saw a small mob of dozens of people waving torches and leading a giant paper dragon puppet around. We ran outside with our champagne and watched the excitement while people shot off fireworks on the beach and danced with their torches. The crowd dispersed after just a few minutes, leaving a few of Manzanita’s finest to stand around and offer help to disoriented stragglers. The whole thing was just the right touch of random to kick off the year.

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