Hall’s Law

January 9th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

Cavemen and Astronauts Hall’s Law: Two out of three eBay purchases will smell like an ashtray.

On the other hand: Woo hoo! “Woman skinning rabbit” arrived today, along with “smallish caveman crouches with spear” and a passle of plastic astronauts I got for a steal. They hail from a different time, too: they’re all clutching what look like weapons, but they also carry sextants and hoses attached to packs on their backs. Very original Trek-era … as if they’re saying “We’re here to explore, but we’ll vaporize anything that gets in the way of our single-minded pursuit of knowledge! BOO-YAH!”

One imaging lesson learned today: GraphicConverter’s white correction works about as well as adjusting the white balance in a RAW file, at least in the relatively sterile environment of my light diffusion box. Anything to take an unnecessary step out of the workflow is welcome. Especially for images that get crammed down to little 300×300 squares anyhow.

Related weekend joy: Sven pointed me to an absolutely wonderful collection of tutorials on miniature terrain building. Or maybe what he did was “taunted” me “with” that collection. It seems that making at least one nice cave for Woman Skinning Rabbit to squat in front of would be nice. And maybe some pleasant pebbly ground.

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