Episode 24: Roleplay!

January 23rd, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

Toy Soldier SetWorth looking at for anyone who ever picked up a comic in the ’70s might be a scan of an ad from 1976 I dropped into flickr. It’s for a 100 piece toy soldier collection, available for only $1.50. I remember being pretty set on getting that set until someone pointed out to me that the “footlocker” it arrived in was about the length of a dollar bill, and half as wide. For something that purported to include bombers, trucks, jets, tanks, battleships and jeeps, that was sort of lame.

The ad said the included figures included eight officers, eight WAVs and eight WACs. You can see what appears to be an officer saluting a pair of figures in skirts in the ad. I like the fact that they’re doing that on the edge of a cliff with a battle going on around them. The little tableau implies a certain imperturbability we’d all do well to carry with us in our daily lives, don’t you think?

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