Episode 23: Heavy Breathing!

January 20th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted  |  3 Comments

Heavy Breathing!Last night, while previewing today’s episode (“Heavy Breathing!“) Al asked a very good question:

“In most comics, is it normal for the story to just spin off on some tangent and leave a bunch of themes unresolved?” to which I replied “No.”

I can only speak for, you know, Peanuts and Family Circus and Wizard of ID … the webcomicverse probably has all sorts of spinning off and tangenting, but I’m pretty ignorant of that.

One other thing I wonder: Princess is now, officially, “useful.”

Does that still make her an infernal gift? If she is, I need to sever all emotional ties, get a chromakeyable series of shots of her, and send her packing to some unfortunate’s house.

But maybe that’s what makes her infernal … she wins your love then she has to go, leaving all the plans you made for her in ashes.

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