Episode 18: The Stark Fist of Renewal!

January 12th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

The Stark Fist of Renewal!The Stark Fist of Renewal!” has made its will known, at least to Eltee. Someone else, however, is rather more confused than when he started.

“Rather more confused than when he started” is, I guess, the way of it, but I’ve been taking someone’s advice and just muddling through, thinking less in terms of doing right and more in terms of merely doing, because I haven’t really done in an awfully long time.

Finishing today’s up happened today at lunch, and signified the end of the backlog I’d built to the extent I have episode 19, which sort of kicks off a new arc, done and have since Monday. Catching up to the future, I guess … just in time to go to the past.

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