Episode 16: Eye to Eye!

January 10th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted  |  1 Comment

Eye to Eye!Gosh! Looks like Eltee has his hands full in today’s episode … or rather … something has a handful of Eltee!

The current break in continuity … it’s a passing phase, but a necessary one.

Regarding tools, I know I’ve pointed at the comiclife tag on flickr before. ComicLife is the software I use to put Mensies together. It saves me drawing bubbles and frames and “fooms” and “blorts,” and it also makes it super-easy to drag pictures into a comic.

I’ve discovered a few genres of ComicLife creation outside the traditional “make a comic widdit” approach:

  • The mashup family album, which seems like a very pleasant way to share a collection of family snapshots that sort of remixes the “slideshow” into something a little more palatable.

  • The “my cats can talk!” genre, but only when it’s done in a language I can’t read.

And finally, there’s a series of creepy dolls talking to each other that I sort of dig. The Cory Doctorow comic, though? Not so much … especially once I realized it wasn’t sarcastic at all.

So anyhow … keynote time. I need to go act like a slobbering drone.

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