Episode 15: Plot Integrity Breached!

January 9th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

Mensies 15!The newest episode is up, with the fighting 325th squaring off against a bigger menace than they’ve ever encountered! Seriously! I’m freaking out over here! It’s like that issue of Captain America where the guy gets Cap’s shield and Cap has to fight for it because it’s a symbol of FREEDOM and not a mere TOOL to be used by mercenary SCUM! The writers were left with no choice but to splash a big box at the end with the blaring words “NEXT ISSUE: THE ROCKS ARE FALLING!”

Elsewhere in the webosphere … Ed is giving uke lessons, and that’s really cool; and Sven’s making nifty stop-motion animations.

I Was a Mexican HousewifeAlso, Alison says a little Photoshop thought experiment I engaged in is disturbing. It occurred to me, though, that if we (and by “we” I mean “the whole world”) took the time to project ourselves into marketing images, stubble and all, it might help poke through some of the unspoken and unconsidered identification we’re supposed to engage in with the spokesmodels. That occurred to me long after I’d saved the file and uploaded it to flickr, though, so … take my bullshit with a grain of salt.

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