Episode 13: Easter is Burning!

January 5th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted  |  1 Comment

Easter is Burning!The Mighty 325th rolls into Easter aboard Thomas, only to discover something’s amiss in Episode 13: “Easter is Burning!

And yep … another new character in possession of vital information walks on, but he’s absolutely necessary to get our heroes from where they are now to where they’re headed. Oh … and a very special thanks to Sven for this episode’s new character. I knew where he’d fit in the second he arrived in our home.

I also won another auction on eBay for a small collection of Marx plastic cavemen. It looks to be a fairly complete set, missing only items I already have plenty of and with a sprinkling of “woman skinning rabbit” plus a few “man crouching with spear,” which is great!

Also sort of on this tip:

The cool thing about flickr isn’t so much the way the service itself is presented. There are nicer gallery programs and more pleasantly presented sites, but flickr seems to have momentum with a certain set that turns out some fun stuff now and then.

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