January 18th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

At the grim intersection of “weird news” and “local interest due to ongoing rain damage”, we get:

> Connelly, 81, was visiting her husband’s grave Sunday in the rain. She stepped into a newly-dug and soggy grave nearby and got stuck.

> […]

> “It was a gloomy day, and it was getting to be dusk,” she said. “Nobody knew I was there. No car went by. There I was out in the open, doing the splits.”

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People ask what the weather in Oregon is like … whether it truly does rain all the time … how grim our lives must be as a result.

I don’t know where the AP reporter who filed this nugget hails from, but the stark image of a feeble old lady being sucked into the mire, silhouetted against the misty and indifferent majesty of the coastal range, tells me “somewhere sunny, where his instincts for what made a good ‘wacky news’ piece seemed more true.”

The weather really isn’t so good here.

A piece of the fence in our backyard got blown into the neighbor’s yard a few nights ago. Our rain gutters began to overflow, spilling the water onto the concrete behind the house, flooding the neighbor on the other side’s basement, causing him to walk out onto the driveway between our two houses at about 12:30 in the morning to bellow “JEEEEEZUS!” into the howling gale.

The gutters have since been cleared and the fence section has been drug into our yard where it will rot until Marvin the Contractor can come with a truck suitable to carry it away.

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