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January 3rd, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

The MovableType FlickrPhotosets plugin is working again, with some qualifications: A nagging hash error is still messing it up a little, but that can be overcome by turning down the cache refresh setting to the point where every rebuild of the index will cause a refresh of the plugin content.

For more bucolic and sleepy sites like this one, that’s not going to be an onerous burden on the good people of flickr. For busier ones with lots of index rebuilds, well … it might not be so nice.

Just to pad this thing out, from a mail I got regarding a piece of software I’ve been beta testing:

> Unfortunately, we had to make some major changes to our data model, which tells [our software] how to store its data. This means that there is no way to “upgrade” any old documents you created with previous versions of [our software]. (Yes, this is a risk of being a beta-tester!) If you want to recover data from your old documents, we suggest you open them up with the previous version of [our software], and then paste what contents that you can into the new document. Sorry for the inconvenience!

One of those cases where I’m glad the constant crashes made it impossible for me to consider actually using it to do anything I care about.

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