Buyer’s Remorse

January 5th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

ZiplocI honest-to-God have no idea what went through my head when I saw the Ziploc Big Bags (or Bolsas Grandes as our friends south of the border might say) sitting on the shelves besides “They’re so big they’ve GOT to be useful!”

I remember standing there in the aisle for a minute or two hefting the several sizes available from hand to hand, trying to decide whether to go for the merely large model or just throw all caution to the wind and get the really super ginormous one.

“Fuck it,” I bet I muttered to myself, “You only live once!”

So tonight, I’m supposed to be cleaning my office, and it seemed to me that perhaps the Ziploc Bolsas Grandes I bought might come in handy for … organizing … my stuff.

Sitting here staring at the one I’ve got about one tenth full of plastic army men, I’m realizing I was suckered by the jaunty set of the box model’s hip as she hefts her bolsa grande of multi-seasonal sporting goods and contemplates how much easier it has made her life.

I think, also, I just worked out a swell way to do something besides clean my office … namely reconnect the scanner so I could get a picture of the box and share it on flickr then blog about it.

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