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January 21st, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

What Did He Say? – A Cockney gangster film becomes a DVD phenomenon:

> Layer Cake is a phenomenon that we’re likely to see more of in the future, the word-of-mouth DVD hit. As such, it raises interesting questions about the future of movies in a business increasingly dominated by the home-video market—not just whether movies can perform markedly better in home video than in theaters, but what kind of movies are likely to do so. Layer Cake is a good test case in part because it’s a wildly complicated and morally ambiguous film. It also has the usual problem with Cockney crime films: On first pass, the American viewer understands approximately one-third of the dialogue. Its popularity on DVD suggests that viewers are willing to abide this type of difficulty when the “pause” and “rewind” buttons are only a thumb’s-length away.

And the “subtitles” button on our mass-market, $75 DVD player takes even less effort until your ears sort of warm up. We used it for our own viewing of “Layer Cake,” which we enjoyed bunches.

Daniel Craig will make a find Bond, I’m sure.

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