A New Year, A New Character

January 3rd, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

The Avatar!Mensies Episode 11: “The Avatar!” is live at the usual place and at flickr. Like the title says, a new character has joined the cast.

For reasons having to do with the vagaries of the US Postal Service during the holiday season, a brewing sense of discontent, and a finger-snapping moment of “Yes! That’s what I meant all along!” there’s no telling what’s going to happen next.

This morning we nearly discovered what, exactly, Sculpey can handle in the way of stress-testing at the hands of a 23-month-old. Something I’ve learned about children: They are supreme pattern recognition machines: Anything different from the way things were left when they went to bed the night before might as well be painted in day-glo orange and making a high-pitched “cheep cheep cheep cheep” noise, because the second it passes across their peripheral vision, you can cut to Predator-cam and watch the little three dot alien gun sights zero in and slate the thing’s termination.

This morning I wasn’t exactly faster than Ben, but I was fast enough. Mercifully, Ben’s first instinct is to hold a thing and turn it over in his hands several times before a.) taste-testing and b.) checking to see how it does when dashed on the floor.

So a key ingredient to upcoming episodes survives to get its second coat of paint.

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