A Million Little Things

January 26th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted

So, no comic today. I was going to do it over lunch and then I got distracted by a work thing and that was it for the day. I’ve kind of been thinking about switching to doing three a week anyhow, so maybe it was actually deliberate.

At any rate, Ed has two new ones up (1,2). It’s really cool to see the strip fleshing out.

The other thing I did this evening was watch a recording of Oprah stomping James Frey into a million little pieces. (Via pk)

It was pretty much everything you could hope for, both as vicious comeuppance for Frey and as a brand reclamation operation for Oprah. And, for the MoDo lovers, you got to see a little fire from her, too. Not that I am one, but I know one. Sorry she bailed on “ass” and settled for “butt,” though. Just a little too inhibited, that one.

The best parts were when Oprah would drag a confession of yet another fabrication out of him and he’d admit to this or that and she’d look away and say “O.k.” in this long-suffering, brusque sort of way. Al and I cackled whenever that happened because it was less like interrogation and more like a breakup where the dude knows that he’s completely done for but might as well confess now that the cat’s out of the bag.

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