$5 Well Spent

January 7th, 2006  |  Published in old and busted  |  1 Comment

AutomatorI’ve never known quite what came over me when I coughed up $5 to join MeFi. I think I got tired of feeling powerless during good discussions (even though I almost never comment on fpps) and wanted to answer a few Ask MeFi questions.

Tonight, though, my $5 came back to me in the form of help solving the last few inches of a nagging scripting problem. That page details my issue, which mainly amounted to stripping some crap out of web pages and suffering from my usual brainlock where sed and regexps beyond a single line are involved.

Consider this entry a pitch for Automator’s usefulness, too. The workflow was incredibly easy to lay out, and it took just a sprinkling of Applescript at the very end to make everything make sense. Most of it was put together in less than five minutes. Ask MeFi was only slightly slower helping me finish it up.

While I’m busy cooing about Automator, however, Ed’s suffering.

The futzmonkey … she is vicious.

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