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December 19th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

Sometime yesterday, del.icio.us croaked. Something to do with a power outage and rebuilding and etc. etc. with the usual 392 comment pile-up from people complaining and crying and shouting encouragement at Joshua and crew, who are hopefully not checking blog comments but are rather working on getting the service back up.*

That tells me I might oughta stick up a nightly cron job somewhere so I can suck down my bookmarks and have a fresh copy available for use.

Neither here nor there, though. Right now, I have no del.icio.us bookmarks.

And it’s funny that this situation happened the same day that I set up a quick rule to send all my mail to my gMail account. I very cautiously made sure it’s a “tee” and not a simple shunt. The mail from both work and personal domain remains in a repository on work and personal server space, but also ends up in gMail, which I’m using to read it because, well, my brain is funny that way. I did it to solve a few things I’m not going to go into (but have nothing at all to do with that obscene mail you might have received from “horsehung1508@gmail.com” … swear to god), and I knew leaving a way out (via clone collections on other servers) was the right thing to do.

del.icio.us reminded me why. Doing anything on someone else’s server is, well, spooky.

I’ll say this about gMail: I like just hitting the “archive” button and sending mail into some giant store in the sky where it sleeps, like Arthur on Avalon, until I call it again. It’s what I dig about labels in Mail.app, and virtual folders in Evolution and Thunderbird, but it doesn’t care where I am or what I’m using to read it. As long as it’s all kept in redundant locations more under my control in case Google ever blows up or eats it all, I’m happy to keep things like that.

*That isn’t me saying “quit wasting time, fuckers! You owe me more work on my free service! It’s just me saying “392 comments. Gee whiz. Just let the guy get some work done.”

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