Sam’s Browsing Recommendations Considered Harmful

December 28th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

The title’s a little misleading. Sam didn’t lead me directly to “[Man’s Eternal Quest:

A Glimpse Into the Psychological Roots of Knight Rider](” He led me instead to the Knight Rider Wikipedia article with the promise of entertaining punless variations on the show title, then coyly typed “afk” and left me to discover that nugget for myself:

> The average viewer thinks it is a story of man (David Hasselhoff), a talking car, some catchy music, and the occasional fistfight. But it is in reality a portrayal of The Everyman’s heroic quest to tackle his inner demons and come face to face with his greatest enemy – himself. This is not mere speculation, this is not conjecture, it is fact – I can prove it on a home computer.

> We are not at first aware of the true nature of this show because it comes to us as a standard crime fighting show with Knight defeating criminals week after week while working for a sophisticated police force. If we think about it all, though, we realize this is merely illusory. The prospect of there being “talking cars” and a vigilante police force which cooperates with actual police could only exist in the realm of comic books – or as a subpsychic reality poised by a dream. The latter seems favorable when we consider the hints.

Like the author says elsewhere: All the Kantians are doomed to remain single.

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