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December 8th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted  |  3 Comments


> Plaxo is .Mac for the rest of us. Mac users need only the e2xo Mac Plaxo client to gain access to the core functionality of Apple’s .Mac, contact and calendar syncing, using free Plaxo instead of $99/year .Mac. Keep using iCal and Address Book, install e2xo, and now every computer Mac or PC, and all your iSync compatible devices will be in sync, effortlessly.

The main thing I know about Plaxo is that past people I’ve known have used it to send out “Are you still at this address?” mails that made me feel a little cross. On the other hand, professional trol… pundit David Coursey decided they might not be evil and scary at all.

Being done with .Mac for stuff like calendar and address syncing would be nice, and being able to keep my Windows machine in sync with my Mac for those times I’m in Windows-land would be nicer still.

I think I’m still supposed to be reflexively terrified of all my valuable contact information being sucked up into the maw of something like this, but then I get a reminder mail from Friendster doggedly noting that five whole people I know are inextricably linked to a crappy picture of me with the valuable information that I’m not looking for anyone to date, have very few interests and live somewhere in Portland and I realize the horse has already limped out of the barn, staggered three steps and died.

Maybe it’s worth a look.

On second glance at the site, there’s a Thunderbird toolbar, too, which is sort of cool. Too bad I just got done swearing I’d never use anything but ever ever ever ever again thanks to MailTags.

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