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The Abstract Factory: Manual blogspamming via Technorati: Grrrr.:

> I’m writing today to note a mildly noxious form of spam that’s cropped up a couple of times on this blog, and that popped up again tonight. My last post about the Massachusetts Little Red Book/DHS hoax got a comment that was only marginally on-topic, and frankly struck me as a total non sequitur. It was evident that the post’s satirical content, for example, completely sailed over the commenter’s head. Or, more likely, the commenter simply hadn’t read my post at all, since the comment consisted solely of two links to his own blog posts about the Little Red Book hoax. Hence, the comment seemed like some kind of self-promoting spam. So I deleted the comment, of course …

I got this commenter down in the note I left about the Little Red Book Scare and foolishly believed he was one of a dying breed of commentators I used to get during the heady days of Brandon Mayfield and the like … a topic-googling wingnut with barely the self-restraint to keep the caplocks key off. So I didn’t delete his comment because that goes against my basic instincts about that sort of thing. Now that I perceive that his operation looks to be either automated or perfunctorily carried out in a manner a smarter person might think to automate, he’s closer along the continuum to “commerce” than “dialogue.”

Noting this in particular because the archive pages now include links to technorati tags, and my individual entries are tagged with “rel=’tag'” anchors.

Hey … everybody’s doin’ it, man!

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