December 28th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

[Animal Crossing in-game items hit eBay


> “Like World of Warcraft and Everquest before it, you can now purchase in-game digital property from Animal Crossing: Wild World on eBay. A reader writes,  ‘Items such as Mario & Luigi hats, 1 Million Bells, and rare items such as the Triforce and Master Sword’ are currently available.”

Animal Crossing has become my “just before bedtime” game. I fire it up, wander around my village fishing and collecting shells, and identify constellations. Just last night I could clearly make out the constellation Rhombus, right next to the moon. And a coconut washed up on the beach, so I promptly planted it next to my house. Then I put my little avatar to bed, just as I put myself to bed.

Unlike the Sims, which involves a lot of button-pushing and lever-pulling and frustration and life in fast-forward, Animal Crossing allows for a much more contented, pastoral state of mind. I’m looking forward to harvesting the coconuts from my newly planted coconut tree. They’ll go great with the native oranges.

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