More Nose-Breathing to a Good End

December 10th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted  |  1 Comment

The instructions worked to my immense relief, because digging around on CraigsList for a new dryer was kind of a drag and I’d rather spend $11.99 down at Woodstock Ace Hardware for a new breaker than whatever I’m going to pay for a dryer from someone who’ll jack me up for another $25 to drive it over here and throw it out on the driveway after pocketing my money.

It might seem to some like I think a breaker and a dryer are the same thing, so to clarify: I’m glad it was the breaker and not the dryer that was causing the dryer to not work.

I even went buck to the hardware store thanks to all my underwear being in the dryer, which had suddenly stopped working. I guess next time I keep one pair of one-day-old skivvies out as a sort of hole card against critical appliance failure. Or just do my laundry before it’s an issue. I should have just gone down to the hardware store in my bathrobe.

Quick memo to poseurs re: falling into Yahoo’s hands: For fuck’s sake … it isn’t the end of the world, and even if it is, telling Josh that he sucks for making some money off of his site is really shitty. Get off the guy’s dick already.

And to this guy (commenting on the delicious blog):

> The future of delicious is at stake. I care as i use it almost every day. I’m not concerned about the creator’s financial life. That should really not be part of the picture if many thousand people use an environment.

What is this? The Ukraine in 1923?


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