I Shouted Out “Wikipedia Killed the Kennedys!”

December 11th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

It’s a good thing that the guy who edited the Wikipedia entry on John Seigenthaler to claim that he had perhaps been involved in assassinating the Kennedys stepped forward and confessed that he was the person who did it.

Not good because it shaped any particular outcome one way or the other. Merely good because he took responsibility for his words and put to rest any notion anyone might have had that the libel he promulgated was anchored in anything like fact.

What’s sort of funny is that CNET’s got an article up agonizing over whether Wikipedia should properly be labeled an “open source project,” and concluding that no, surely not, because Linux, which is open source, is “a rigid engineering project.”

But then you’ve got the Wikipedia apologists who spent an entire week averring that if Mr. Seigenthaler didn’t like the entry accusing him of participation in assassination plots, he should have just edited it himself to fix it.

CNET’s clearly got it all wrong: Wikipedia acts exactly like an open source project.

Oh. And here’s a link to the discussion on Metafilter, where strenuous efforts are underway to make the “Wikipedia is so a legitimate research resource!” argument every bit as tedious as the debates centered around the proposition “video games can too be art!” and “rock is as legitimate an art form as poetry!”

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