Faster than TriMet’s Site

December 8th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

Google Transit would have been handy during my “bus downtown to get to school” days. It includes a handy timetable of upcoming departure times for your requested route, a cost comparison vs. driving, and a button to ask for regular old driving directions.

It also doesn’t seem to bother with (generally) pointless connections: TriMet’s trip finder would probably tell you to wait around for ten or more minutes and catch a connector down Belmont on the route I tried out on it. Google Transit expects you’ll just walk the nine blocks.

Maybe that’s a bug, though … some people on the buses I rode each day wouldn’t have had a very easy time managing a nine block hike.

[via reddit, where if you’re wondering why your carefully selected post about AJAX, Web 2.0, Ruby, Lisp or venture capital keeps losing a single point to a lone crank, it’s probably me]

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