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December 29th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

Episode 9: “An Accidental Betrayal!” is posted. If you’ve been wondering what everything is leading up to, here’s your first look.

Some things learned in the last few days:

  1. GraphicConverter sits in a very pleasant spot between Photoshop Elements and Pixelnhance: It can deal with RAW photos, it makes doing quick adjustments simple, its interface is designed to be part of a bulk-processing workflow, and it has good Applescript support. It’s very easy to drop GraphicConverter into an Automator workflow for bulk processing images and putting them in iPhoto for cataloging.

  2. Photoshop Elements has got to be the most finicky, unhappy piece of software on my machine. Between its epic load times and its willingness to crash if you attempt any operation on a RAW or Adobe digital negative file, I use it gingerly. Ugh.

  3. Fred Meyer is selling some low-energy, long-life compact fluorescent bulbs. They take 20w to operate, but put out the equivalent in light of a 75w incandescent bulb, and they’re cooler than the incandescent equivalent. Because PGE is subsidizing the bulbs, you can get them for $0.99 each. I grudgingly bought some to power my new diffusion box lamps because the shelves were empty of “real” bulbs under 100w the day I was in the store, but some experimenting has shown me that the light the compact fluorescents give off feels a little cooler and cleaner than incandescent bulbs, and it’s easier to tune the colors because the whites look more pure. Something like a GE Reveal, by contrast, starts out warmer and doesn’t cool off as cleanly in the software. At least, not without more fiddling than I’d like to deal with.

Much of this learned doing and re-doing Episode 12, set to run next week. I’m kind of happy with this one because it gets into the head of a character who’ll be appearing as a disembodied voice tomorrow. Still waiting for my parcel of extra actors, because we’re getting closer and closer to the wrapup of this arc, at which point I’ll either retire the project or figure out another direction to take it.

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