“Bunny Slippers”

December 24th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted  |  1 Comment

Working at Home Isn’t The Day at the Beach Office Mates Imagine:

> Many people seem to think that jobs that can be done at home aren’t real jobs. Never mind that home-office dwellers are their own cafeteria staff, shipping-and-receiving clerks and janitors. They never get credit for cutting an employer’s costs, or saving commuting time to do more work. Instead, managers believe that if they aren’t there to witness someone working, it can’t be happening. They envision homebound workers getting away with something, like lounging in their bathrobes and watching ‘General Hospital.’

> It’s as if they believe that the people working under their noses don’t waste a tremendous amount of time talking about last night’s college basketball game, making bids on eBay, or reading only like-minded blogs while on company time. The misconceptions are yet another indication that vacuous symbols of productivity, rather than productivity itself, are all that really count.

I don’t believe in whining about the problems work-at-home people face because there are some benefits I really love, and they definitely offset the negatives. But the negatives are there and they don’t have a ton to do with having to clean the house or watch out for dogs.

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