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December 7th, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

MailTags broke a recent update, but version 1.1 seems to have fixed that.

Fetchmail hasn’t been running so well on Dreamhost lately … it just up and dies now and then, creating big backlogs of work-related mail, so I’ve moved from getting work mail into my IMAP repository and just POPping it down directly from the work servers.

It feels sort of unclean to do that … POP is the Lesser Protocol, and I’ve been assiduously avoiding it for a really, really long time. At the same time, there’s a certain allure to just divvying up a monolithic mail folder into virtual folders and little folksonomies and not worrying about crap like what to do when it comes time to move to a new mail server or rearrange the virtual sock drawer that is a collection of messages.

Tiger’s is pretty close to providing that sort of life with its Smart Folders, but MailTags is the icing on the cake. One of those tools where I feel like a creep for saying it, but Apple should probably just roll the functionality into and be done with it.

Anyhow … just saying. MailTags is back and I’m now a POP user, so “best of times and worst of times.”

Also, Voodoopad 2.5 is out and done and ready to go. The new “interpret as Markdown” Web export completely rocks. I love it. From the looks of it, nothing broke in voodoo2palm this time around, so that’s as available as ever.

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