Apples and Gigantic, Planetoid-Sized Oranges

December 23rd, 2005  |  Published in old and busted

I’ve mostly avoided a POV on the console/PC game war thing, but I’m sitting here staring at 47MB of patches for CivIV trickling onto my machine. Jeez. Chalk one up for consoles (in my experience … for all I know there are monstrous XBox service packs) … they don’t put me through this kind of misery.

As far as CivIV goes in general, I can’t think of a more glaring example of gamer press corruption than this one. The series’ rep is bigger than the game itself. Consistently overrated, slavishly devoted to making sure the months and months and months of breathless “sneak peeks” and “exclusive previews” were paid for in torrents of florid ink.

The game itself runs like sludge, and has managed to engineer some sort of irritation horizon into the 3d globe views that make zooming in enough to read anything an exercise in claustrophobia and zooming out the best way to cloak the map in meaninglessness. There’s no happy balance … the engineers fully expect you’ll be pleased to spend your time zooming around and admiring the view.

If someone had told me Firaxis had been spending all these years polishing a hybrid of Civilization and Quake, I’d have laughed in their face and made some joke about mutant pikemen killing your space marine. You’d have been right to call me a jackass with no imagination… Firaxis worked it out. Bravo.

As far as CivIV in my home goes: available cheap. Just drop mail.

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